The GX 2/4 is a box-mod by SMOK that features the capability of switching from dual 18650 batteries, to four 18650 batteries, making it a unique addition to SMOK’s already impressive collection.

In dual battery mode
Width: 26mm
Height: 87.2mm
Length:  46mm

In 4-battery mode
Width: 44mm
Height: 87.2mm
Length: 59mm

The GX 2/4 features a large, black & white screen, all over the front of the device.
The screen displays all the necessary information, like battery-life, current wattage, a puff-counter and, whilst firing, the duration of your puff.

This box-mod has three buttons. One large firebutton all over the side and two little buttons right beneath the screen for navigation through the menu’s and increasing and descreasing the wattage.

The 2/4 comes in a number of colors, like silver, blue, green and black.
The paint job on this thing is amazing. Nothing like earlier SMOK-mods where the paint would sometimes come off on the bottom after a lot of picking up and putting down. It’s shiny and tough!

Battery door

The battery door on the GX 2/4 clicks into place with a little hook and releases with a button on the bottom. This release allows for the full side to come off and be replaced by another batterydoor, allowing you to upgrade (or downgrade) the battery-capacity from 2 to 4 batteries.


The SMOK GX 2/4 features upgradeable firmware.


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