Joyetech Cuboid


Out of the box, the Joyetech Cuboid is a 150 Watts device, housing 2 18650 batteries.

It’s got a clear, large screen showing you all the information you need to know while vaping.

The Joyetech Cuboid features pass-through vaping, meaning you can vape while it’s charging, although Joyetech does recommend charging your batteries in a separate charger, since that’s safer. Usually, I’ll always charge my batteries separately and swap out my batteries with another set. I just don’t like the thought of two powerful energy sources charging that close to my face.

Upgradable firmware

Just like the Joyetech VTC Mini, the Joyetech Cuboid has upgradeable firmware. As I said before, out of the box, this device is a 150 watts device. However, since its release, the firmware has been upgraded, making it a 200W device.


The Joyetech Cuboid has one of the largest screens currently available on the market. Besides the Smy Touch, that is.

It’s a clear screen, showing a bucketload of information. It’s got:

  •  A puff-counter;
  • The current temperature;
  • The current wattage (in temperature control mode);
  • The current voltage (or voltage in power mode);
  • Your coil resistance;
  • Amperage.


  • 510 threading
  • Temperature control
  • Variable wattage
  • 2 18650 batteries

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